A sun salute to Urban Ashram

Kenneth Cobonpue Couch at Urban Ashram's BGC Studio
Kenneth Cobonpue Couch at Urban Ashram's BGC Studio


Everyone knows the feeling of walking into a space so well-designed it makes you sigh with contentment. “Good things happen here,” you think.

How nicer to have that feeling when you have just survived the moil of Manila traffic. That’s how I feel every time I enter the calm sweatshop that is Urban Ashram. Bamboo floors and soothing gray and lavender walls. Tropical modern furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue, including cloud shaped extension lights float from the ceiling.


We haven’t even gotten to the yoga yet. I credit Urban Ashram with changing my yoga practice from a hobby to a passion. The highly-trained yoga teachers provide mostly vinyasa flow classes that often have a workshoppy feel for yogis to refine their poses.

I practiced at the ashram’s Fort Bonifacio studio for more than two years when I called Manila home. Whenever I make it back in town I make time to practice there.

Calmness requires rules. “No phones beyond this point,” reads a sign posted at the entrance to Urban Ashram’s serene bamboo-floored yoga rooms. Right above it: “No footwear.”

Urban Ashram BGC Studio


The Urban Ashram Yoga studios are located in Pasig, Makati, and BGC. All are equipped with hardwood sprung floors, top quality Manduka mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets and other useful props for a safe and effective practice. Liza Crespo Ecotecture designed the environmentally friendly space, in line with the yogic principle of ahimsa, do no harm.

The sereneness of Urban Ashram's BGC Studio
The sereneness of Urban Ashram’s BGC Studio
Urban Ashram’s All Things Yoga Boutiques are a great place to find high quality gear

I can’t wait until they expand beyond Manila. The world needs more oases of calm.

Kenneth Cobonpue Couch at Urban Ashram's BGC Studio
Kenneth Cobonpue Couch at Urban Ashram’s BGC Studio

Check out Urban Ashram’s schedule here, including classes for new moms and kids.

I often followed up my classes with lunch at Stella and a massage at the Spa.

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