Top Five Destinations in New Zealand for Kids

New Zealand is a great place to take the little ones. BTW contributor Darcy Levy has scoured both the North and South Island for the top 5 places to take your little ones. You will love her attention to details. A note for fit parents: each destination has an optional hike!

Seoul sunset from the Grand Hyatt

Which hotel has the best view in Seoul?

The Grand Hyatt Seoul offers the best overall views in the city…we could not have picked a better hotel for our last few nights in Korea. Nestled in 10-acres of landscaped grounds at the foot of Namsan,  the Hyatt feels like a remote mountain hideaway even though the trendy shopping lie only a short walk down the hill. 

The Four Seasons Seoul

Check out the baby amenities available for your little at the Four Seasons Seoul, the city’s newest five star hotel. Mommy liked the endless…