Hotel Modern Honolulu

Hotel Modern
Photo courtesy of Hotel Modern Honolulu

The Hotel Modern Honolulu hits the sweet spot with its zen pool and party scene, Michelin-starred restaurant and minimalist rooms. No wonder it has earned so many awards as Oahu’s best boutique hotel.

Courtesy of Hotel Modern Honolulu

Loved the clean and sleek details of the white-furnishings in the room.

And then there’s the surfing: Waikiki presents itself as the perfect beach for a beginning surfer. A number of surf schools exist right along the strip. I thought there would be more technique but essentially your instructor is there to choose waves for you–a skill–and give you five minutes of instruction on how to do a reverse burpee and stand up on your board. Oh, and paddling you out on on your 12 foot board and yelling at you to stand at just the right time.

And think of the iconic paddle out to a break with Diamond Head looming on your left. Like a 1950’s postcard or a Beach Boys album.

Oahu And Morimoto. A trendy restaurant with sizeable portions. Go figure! I had never seen a plate of sushi in front of me that I didn’t think I could finish. Then I came here. The chef’s choice sashimi is more than enough for one person. Overall, the menu has a good mixture of authentic Japanese and fusion dishes. Recommend sitting outside so you can watch the sunset over the yacht club. We took our waiter’s recommendation and ordered the calamari salad. My hunch is that the chef fried the calamari in a beer batter, which, as promised, stayed crispy.


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