In Manila with baby? 5 reasons to stay at the Peninsula

Peninsula Manila pasalubong

I called Manila home for several years as a singleton. I return often to see friends, enjoy the city, and bask in the tropical clime. Of course with baby, life–including the good life– is a bit different. Read on to see why I call the Manila Peninsula my home away from home for baby and me… 

Peninsula Fountain print
Peninsula fountain

 1. The Service–Good for both maman and bébé

I looked longingly at the tropical fruit bar with the knowledge that Philippine mangoes are the best in the world. Then there was the hand-rolled sushi. These were two options in nearly 1km of a global array of freshly prepared dishes at Escolta, the Peninsula’s farm-to-table buffet restaurant.

So why did I look down to an empty place setting? A teething six-month old, who had decided she did not want to hang out in her Uppa Baby bassinet while maman enjoyed the first meal of the day.

Escolta Buffet with Chefs
Escolta Dining Room

Enter five-star service from stage left: “Ma’am, could I get a plate of food for you,” asked a kind-faced waiter.

“Could I have as many mangoes as will fit on my plate?”

The Peninsula is known for five-star service in its more than 10 properties worldwide. Its Manila hotel does not disappoint.

Neither did baby. Halfway through the mangoes she yawned. I put her in the pram and she quickly dozed off to the peaceful hum of activity in the restaurant.

I ordered a latte. Which leads me to my next reason…

2. The coffee–what the pope drinks

Venus Century espresso machine

Before I had baby I enjoyed other beverages–mainly the Colombelle–at The Bar during Free Flow weekends for 1280 Philippine Pesos + +.


With the arrival of baby I switched to enjoying good one good coffee a day, especially after sleepless nights.

Escolta uses the Venus, an hand-crafted espresso machine from famed espresso machine maker Victoria Arduino. The same espresso machine is also being used by His Eminence, the Pope. So it’s good enough for me.



The Bar at the Peninsula Manila
The Bar at the Peninsula Manila–my old haunt


3. Afternoon tea

Take baby to her first tea party.

Since we are on the subject of food and drink, the Peninsula perfected the idea of high tea in Asia at its flagship hotel in Hong Kong.  By design the Peninsula is also the place to go in Manila.

High tea at the Peninsula Manila
High tea at the Peninsula Manila

I like high teas with baby for two reasons:

One: Finger foods are easy when holding an infant. Sushi and soup=not so easy.

Two: The pastel colors make for great photo ops.

When I lived in Manila, I spent many an afternoon enjoying the ube macaroons and cucumber sandwiches. yum.

4. Stokke strollers!

Stokke scott
Stokke scoot

In June 2016, the Peninsula will begin to offer complimentary use of Stokke strollers, bouncers and other baby products at all of its hotels. I am a big fan of the Norwegian baby brand for its high-quality products and Scandinavian design. And I am an even bigger fan of traveling light. This for me is enough to make me want to stay at the Peninsula when traveling.

5. Babysitting

You can arrange in-room babysitting with an experienced caregiver for a nominal hourly rate plus tip. Simply call housekeeping to set up the service, which should be done at least a few hours in advance.  I use the service to head to the pool during baby’s naptime.


Make your reservation at the Peninsula here.

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Readers, where do you like to stay in Manila?



  • Another thing I like about staying at The Peninsula Manila is that they have complimentary food for baby in their In Room Dining menu! I highly appreciated it because I didn’t have to bring baby food or order a separate meal for baby at all. They were all his favorites… and they were free for him to have!

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