Map of Nursing Lounges in Seoul

Mother's lounges
This way to the "Nursing room"

See below for a helpful map of nursing lounges in Seoul…please comment if you have more locations to share, and we will add them to the map.

Most of these lounges have changing tables, a private nursing area, cribs for naps, and high chairs.

Thanks to one of our readers, Donata, for the link to a map that shows which Seoul subway stations have nursing rooms. Click on “Convenient Facilities” in the top-right corner and choose the “breathfeeding” icon.

Seoul subway breathfeeding



  • Other nursing rooms
    -Gwanghwamun station
    -Seoul station
    -all the museums downtown (modern history, Seoul city museum, folk museum, national museum, war memorial, etc)
    -insadong (underground where the bathrooms are)
    -Namsan tower has one in the basement

  • There’s a sort of nursing room at Gwangmyeong Costco. It’s actually a room in the employees break room and you have to go upstairs to get to it (not good if you have a stroller with you). It has a sofa, changing table, and water.

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