Seoul: Must-Read Tip for Dongdaemun with wee ones

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Dongdaemun Design Plaza


I recently talked about how the many mother’s lounges in Korea made Korea great for travel with baby. That is, when you can find them.

So I would like to thank the two attendants at the Pathways Cafe Store on the 3rd Floor of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza for helping me navigate the labyrinthine–yet super interesting–corridors of the Plaza to make it to the mother’s lounge.

The friendly staff at Dongdaemun Design Plaza
The friendly staff at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Savvy mothers will be able to find the comfortable lounge without asking for help. Or perhaps it was the hungry baby that affected my map reading skills.

Here are directions to the DDP mother’s lounge from the 1st floor: 


Starting at Oullim Square on the First floor: Walk into the Design Lab–the cool shopping area of DDP–at entrance D2. Walk straight around 50 meters, past the vendors towards the back. You will exit the shopping area and enter another foyer with an information desk, which will be on your right. Keep heading to the back.

After the child cafe–more on that later–you will see a sign for bathrooms. Take a right here. Take another right and you will arrive at the nursing room. There are several comfortable chairs, each surrounded by individual rose canopy of curtains hanging from the ceilings.

Check out my map ever-growing map of places in downtown Seoul with nursing lounges. Have a location to add? Let me know in the comments section.


Nursing lounges are called 수유실: Soo-yo-shill in Korean.

So, the child cafe: It had silverware and plates for baby and toddlers to use, along with gelato, juices and real drinks for mother. There is also a play land past the mother’s lounge for little ones.

Happy travels!

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