Rabat Day Trip with Kiddos

Rabat botanical gardens

The refreshing spring air beckons greenery and being outdoors. A great spot for the kids of all ages to explore is Les Jardins Exotiques de Bouknadel just outside of Rabat.

Initially established in the 1950s, the gardens have recently been revitalized are a labyrinth of unending beauty, unveiled with each turn. The signs are in Arabic, French and English, welcoming you to each section and plants are labeled with their formal latin names.

It’s worth the journey if you have a car or if you are willing to rent out a grand taxi for the day.

Rabat botanical garden

Some tips to keep in mind if you go are:

#1. Bring snacks or a picnic lunch

#2. A walkie talkie for free roaming and older children

#3. A camera, sketch pad or writing journal to absorb the beauty.

#4. A pre-prepared scavenger hunt is great fun for the older ones and a simpler one with colors or finding various leaf shapes is great for younger children.


Please note, that because of its winding maze like paths, it is easy for children and parents to get separated. Have an action plan of where to meet or simply holds hands and uncover the wonders together.

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