Tübingen trails 

Sundays are family days.  As a new resident of Germany I used to bemoan the fact that stores are closed on Sundays, leaving only one day for errands.  Now I have come to enjoy getting away from the bustle of work and running errands for a day of peace.  

What a better way to enjoy that peace than lovely Tübingen, a medieval university town on the banks of the Neckar.  

Baby can now handle the cobblestones paving most of the downtown.  And she enjoys the Swabian items on the kids menu at Tübinger Wurstküche, a local restaurant housed in an 18th century half-timbered home. After several visits to the city I have made this a go-to stop for visitors, even if takes me awhile to find the location given Tübigen’s windy alleys.  

Menu suggestions: the Collegium Riesling quenches summer thirsts. For food, anything with mushrooms will be divine. 

For sights, it’s worth a visit to the Tübingen stiftskirche and a climb up to the tower.  From here you can catch a view of the Neckar, surrounding green hills and the castle which presides over the town. 

Unless you are a big pre-history buff, the castle can be a miss, as it houses the “Old Culture Museum,” documenting mainly Bronze and Stone Age finds from the region.  

Five kilometers away lies the Bebenhausen monastery, a medieval monastery partially converted into a hunting lodge for Kaiser Wilhelm. 

Downton Abbey fans will appreciate the royal kitchen exhibit, which shows the multi-room affair that turn of the century staff had to run for the royals.  There is a storeroom, meat room, and wood fired stove that could reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.  

Happy travels!

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